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Posted by Emil Belize V31ER on 27/04/2018   Email

A very nicely organized and informative website. Will return in the future. 73 from Belize.

Posted by Martin on 17/04/2018   Email

Nice website, brings back memories of my visits to the club in the early 70's with talks by Bob GW8HEZ and others. Great days and people, many now sadly SK's. 73 de Martin GW3XJQ

Posted by Dave Robinson on 13/12/2017   Email


Posted by ambrose gerard barry on 28/07/2017   Email

Nice name! Guess my ancestors lived over that way. Bo Barry W4GHV since '54

Posted by ambrose gerard barry on 28/07/2017   Email

Nice name! Guess my ancestors lived over that way. Bo Barry W4GHV since '54

Posted by Rey Machado on 24/07/2017   Email

73s from New Zealand

Posted by robert sullivan on 02/04/2017   Email

hi I'm interested in doing my foundation training and test is this something you can help with

Posted by John GD0NFN on 27/02/2017   Email

Good luck with your trip to the IOM, please let me know if you need any assistance. ? where are you staying.

Posted by Carlos Sousa on 11/04/2016   Email

Nice... Congratulations. Best regards Philip.

Posted by christopher marchant on 26/03/2016   Email

I'm interested in ham radio hope to see you soon thanks chris

Posted by Roy H Pinchin on 01/01/2016   Email

X Barry boy, lived on St Pauls Ave. Short wave listener as a child. Listened to the Flying Enterprise communication while the ship was sinking. Ham Radio operator in the US since the 1970's.

Posted by Gary Olson on 25/09/2015   Email

Very interested in Radio and the history of radio.

Posted by Malcolm on 11/05/2014   Email

Great web site and brings back memories. I was a member in the lat 70's. GW4ACU now KO6SY in California

Posted by Malcolm on 11/05/2014   Email

Great web site and brings back memories. I was a member in the lat 70's. GW4ACU now KO6SY in California

Posted by David cook on 11/02/2014   Email

Nice site layout glyn 2w0ead.

Posted by Roy Dewsbery G7PZB on 21/07/2013   Email

Very nice web site hope to visit you on 6th August 2013

Posted by Gary Alan Lee on 24/04/2013   Email

Just had an enjoyable QSO with Dave Thomas here in Bonita Springs, Florida USA.... Enjoying the D-Star as a distraction and our local club here in Naples Florida Amateur Radio Association of Southwest Florida is in the process of setting up a D-star repeater network in Southwest Florida... Great fun..!!! 73's

Posted by Roy Pinchin on 25/07/2012   Email

73 from Sarasota Florida USA. Nice site. Ex Barry Boy

Posted by Dave on 08/05/2012   Email

Thanks for the qso James. 73's Dave VK4SP 8/MAY/2012 UR 5/7

Posted by Juergen on 24/04/2012   Email

tnx fer QSO GB1OOC - DG0ER via Satellite AO-7

Posted by Rob on 23/04/2012

I just wanted to say hello. I'm moving to South East Wales in the not-too-distant-future and am currently studying online for my foundation licence. I hope to join BARS once I'm at my new QTH and to sit the foundation exam with you. 73s to you all. Rob.

Posted by Rodger on 16/01/2012   Email

How are u doing u old sod ??

Posted by Norman G4BQN on 11/09/2011

As one of the 1969 'Flat Holm pioneers' I am glad to see B.A.R.S still going strong, well done.

Posted by Huw Richards GW4DWN on 29/06/2011   Email

Nice site, linking you all the best for the future Huw GW4DWN Briton Ferry Neath.

Posted by Frank DL2SWW on 25/04/2011   Email

Well done Glyn

Posted by brian brown on 24/11/2010   Email

Hi Glyn just reviewing the b.a.r.s. new website, i`m very impressed with the content of the site power to your elbow nipper, once again a very good job well done. Look forward to reading future news cheers and beers 73 all gw0pup(puppy)

Posted by Nigel GW1CUQ on 18/11/2010   Email

Hi all nice web site Guglieimo Marconi would have loved it :) hope to see you all soon for a beer and chat :)73 Nigel( GW1CUQ)

Posted by Mauro on 17/11/2010

Congratulation for infos and work done through the web site . 73 Mauro (I4JEE)

Posted by David Horton on 07/11/2010

Hi Guys, great new website and love the photos from an era when I was a member (well just before!)David GW4 LVZ

Posted by Doug on 29/10/2010

Hi Glyn, Congratulations on the new site, and on the continued success of the club. Excellent result for you guys in the IOTA Contest! Persistence pays off, eh? :-) 73 de Doug, G0WMW

Posted by Davina on 26/10/2010   Email

Congratulations. Really like the new website Glyn, any chance you could put a link to my Special event website? www.gb-special-event-qsl-status.webs.com You never know it might encourage some folk to claim their cards. I'm thinking of adding a club website page to my website, would your club be interested?

Posted by John Cooper on 26/10/2010   Email

Hi guys, good to see the new site. I might make it down there one day!! John

Posted by Alois Windpassinger on 26/10/2010

vy well done, Glyn! Congrats and 73 de Alois, DL8RBL

Posted by John GW4SKA on 26/10/2010   Email

Looking good Glyn

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