Is very active with "Special Event Radio Stations"

As we feel it gives the membership the chance to get a feel for radio and operating in a Pile Up.


We will be running a very "Special  Event in July 2017"

29th July until 5th Aug 

From Her Majesties Royal Mint Llantrisant


 More Info on GB4RME.QRZ.com



Special Commemorative Station

20th May 2017

at Llavernock Point South Wales

to Commemorate Marconi








Special Event for July 20th 2013
9:00am to 18:00pm

Your chance to operate at sea on dry land
More info from Glyn GW0ANA
Penarth Pier Operation


 Then during IOTA it is GW8K

  B.A.R.S. **** Actually won the 2009 Island Multi-Op UK Expedition Winners ****

   In June 2010 we commemorated Captain Scott of Antarctic fame. As this was the Centenary year of that historic adventure.

15th June 1910 Terra Nova  Leaving Cardiff sailing past Penarth Head

Captain Scott at the Pole


The Captain Scott QSL GB0CSA (Captain Scott Antarctic) via Manager GW0ANA




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